FAQ’s about Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue For Youth (IIDY)


  1. Who can apply?
  • IIDY workshop is open for all genders, sexualities, races, reigions, religions and beliefs; we encourage individuals between 18-30 years old encompassing students, activists, artists, young leaders, journalists, academicians and others to apply for the workshop.
  1. Will KMU cover my travel and accommodation expenses?
  • KMU will provide a limited number of partial scholarship to cover your travel or accommodation expense for IIDY. This scholarship will be based on your necessity.
  1. I want to join the workshop but I am deaf. Is there any special assistance provided?
  • Yes, KMU always supports people with disabilities according to the availability of space and facility. Please don’t let  anything hold you back from applying.
  1. Can I submit the application in Bahasa?
  • Yes, you can submit the application in Bahasa and/or English.
  1. What will I gain from the workshop?
  • Fun-learning on the theoretical and practical aspects of Marrakesh Declaration and Freedom of Religion and Belief
  • Networking with the like-minded youth from diverse backgrounds, human rights activists and academics
  • Experience of a real interreligious and intercultural dialogue and community service
  • IIDY T-shirt and valuable overall experience!


We unfortunately do not have the capacity to answer all of your questions, however for urgent inquiries, donation and other forms of support, please contact salam@kmumalaysia.org

Thank you!



IIDY English Poster