Sapno Tukijo’s (Bilal of the Taman Free School surau) act of kindness by rescuing 70 flood victims including non-Muslims at his mosque should be commended and encouraged. Action is louder than words. Indeed, it is a strong and brave act of kindness that can debunk extreme interpretations and attitudes of bigoted Muslims and anti-Muslim individuals in this country who live based on sectarian hates and punishment ideology.

Muslims should learn from the good practices manifested in the Muslim world, it was proved that the Prophet Muhammad diversified the functions of mosque for inclusive education and charity. In 9th year of Hijra, he welcomed non-Muslims from Christian delegation from Najran to enter and pray in his mosque. In addition, during the Holocaust, Muslims in Albania and Kosovo offered their houses and worship places to save the lives of Jewish people who fled from Nazi’s extermination. While, Muslims in Texas recently turned mosques into shelters for Hurricane Harvey victims including non-Muslims. Most importantly, these were not done for any self or hidden interest, for example, conversion to Islam, instead, merely for the sake of humanity.

Quran states that, “was not the earth of Allah spacious enough for you to flee for refuge?” (4:97), KMU emphasizes that humans are not the sole proprietors of this earth, especially for Islamic worship places. Rather humans are the trustees responsible to manage, operate God’s trusted ownership humanely and protect the lives of refugees or people in need from danger without discrimination of their race, gender, ability, religion or belief and sexual orientation.

KMU also affirms the principles of mercy and empathy in Quran, “we have sent you as a mercy for all the worlds.” (21:107), to be practiced in real life in any situation including disasters, wars, arbitrary prosecutions and domestic violence.

All in all, KMU calls for people of all faiths to offer any kind of help or support within their capacity to lessen the burden of the flood victims in Penang without expecting any return. The world is already full of unspeakable atrocities caused by humans, therefore we are the ones who are responsible to remedy the damage.