KUALA LUMPUR / 7 December 2018 – Komuniti Muslim Universal (KMU) expresses our disappointment with regard to the postponement of Human Rights Day celebration that was planned ahead of anti-ICERD rally on 8 December 2018 by SUHAKAM to 9 December 2018 based on the security advice of the police.

We regret that this unprecedented postponement continues to instil fear in the society that expressing support for human rights is still unacceptable and alienated. Yet, it is acceptable to  publicly promote religio-political hatred in the new Malaysia that further emboldens the extremists’ narrative and their movement.

We concede that security risk is real. However, we urge the authority to take control through proactive and cooperative measures with the organizers and other parties involved to heighten the security supervision, intelligence and protection. Should there be potential violence on the day  of rally, the perpetrators should be promptly held accountable to maintain peaceful assembly.



Komuniti Muslim Universal (KMU)