Malaysia Must Implement 18 Commitments of “Faith for Rights”

In March 2017, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) launched the “Faith for Rights” framework with an expert workshop in Beirut. This framework provides space for a cross-disciplinary reflection on the deep, and mutually enriching, connections between religions and human rights.

Growing religious and right-wing extremism have gradually tarnished the image of moderate Malaysia, also a model to the Muslim world. KMU believes that to overcome and prevent the problematic status quo, the new government of Malaysia must adopt and implement 18 Commitments of Faith for Rights in the critical sectors such as education, law, security and youth. This is to foster the development of peaceful Malaysian society that upholds human dignity and equality for all and where diversity is not just tolerated but fully respected and celebrated.

Please see the 18 Commitments of Faith for Rights in the infographic below: