Narratives based on hate, prejudice and stereotypes in the Malaysian society stem from the lack of meaningful interracial and interreligious dialogues and engagements with one another.  The mainstream media normally highlight these types of negative narratives although they do not reflect the life realities on the ground. As a result, some people are susceptible to  not only hateful narratives but also discriminatory actions against other racial or religious groups.  

Thus, Komuniti Muslim Universal or KMU Malaysia, a youth-led non profit organisation, and Universiti Malaya embarked on a collaborative project called #BeliaForUnity to produce a series of short stories collected from students of ethnic relations based on their personal experiences. The purpose of this project is to showcase the existence of positive and real-life narratives of the Malaysian youth. Besides that, the publication  of these stories will be made bilingual in  English and Bahasa Malaysia, posted on Wattpad and KMU social media pages. 

Positive narratives are often overshadowed by sensationalised and controversial ones. Therefore, these series of short stories aim to highlight  humanity, tolerance and kindness among the Malaysian society to counter religious hatred and racism. Most importantly, Malaysians should  be able to appreciate the common humanity and learn to practice  inclusive values in real life. 


  1. To proliferate positive narratives on race and religion to counter stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination.
  2. To promote knowledge, wisdom, and harmony based on lived experiences of young people.

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Read the stories here:

Story 1: Kisah Lima Sekawan


Story 2: Neighbours to the Rescue: Gratefulness and Appreciation


Story 3: A Call for Humanity: Auntie to the Rescue


Story 4: Tak Kenal, Maka Tak Cinta


Story 5: A Great teacher Takes a hand, Opens a mind, Touches the Heart.


Story 6: Something of My Father’s Past


Story 7: Persahabatan Tidak Mengenal Perbezaan


Story 8: Hutang Emas Boleh Dibayar Hutang Budi Dibawa Mati